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     It was ten o'clock in the morning and Jake had still not woken up. Yesterdays events

had taken their toll on him.

Jake began to wake up slowly his eyes opening, he looked to his side and didn't see

anything but a floor."Huh? Guess that digimon stuff was all just a dream like it usually


 He lifted himself up but was stopped by a small blue thing on his chest." WAKEY WAKEY

EGGS AND BAKEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR.JAKEY!!!!!" a smaller version of veemon said to him in

a loud voice.

"GAAAH!!!" Jake screamed and fell off the couch with the blue digimon falling on his

butt," Don't do that! Hey did you know it was my birthday?" Jake said looking

up at Demi-Veemon."and who are you now?"

"Okay to many questions. First we over-heard you talking to your mom on the phone. Second

even Davis could hear it with his terrible perception skills, And third I'm demiveemon

now!" he said this all while crossing his arms and such.

"Wait so if you're real that means-" he was cut off by a loud noise of poppers.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!!!!!" Davis and all of his digimon yelled to him.

"Wow I thought you'd never wake up!" terriermon said to Jake, jumping off BlackWargreymon

and on jake's shoulder," You were sleeping like a rock and rocks dont have comfy heads."

"He's right we have a big day planned for you." Davis said to him with a big smile," and

at the same time you'll get meet the whole gang."

"Wow thank you so much guys I really appreciate it," jake was excedingly happy but one

thing bothered him," will my digimon be able to come with me? Or would that cause an

epidemic?" Jake said a little sarcastically.

"Um I think terriermon and Shoutmon could go..but Blackwargreymon can't he'll have to stay

here," Davis said patting the large digimon on the back.

"It's fine Jake I don't mind staying here... I will try to help Davis in everyway I can."

Blackwargreymon said with a confident voice.

"You sure? If that's okay with you Davis." jake said looking to Davis.

"That's what I planned. I'm going to need his help! Okay now out the door you go!" he

grabbed Jake and Shoutmon and began to shove him out the door, and closed it behind him.

The birthday boy looked at the closed door behind him and heard the young man shouting

orders to the large digimon.

" do I know where to go?" Jake asked Shoutmon with a quizzical look.

"Uh Davis didn't tell me...THAT IDIOT!!!" Shoutmon began to attack the door trying to get

it to open.

"Hey! Jake! Shoutmon!" a familiar voice shouted. It was tai running down the hall towards

him with a girl behind him. It was Kari behind tai, his heart jumped a bit, but he kept to


"Hey tai! Kari? What are you doing here?" he asked Kari knowing obviously why, but he

wanted to sound like he didnt care.

"We're here to give you a tour of japan!" kari and tai said in unison. Kari's smiling face

turned tothe two digimon surrounding jake, one with a bad attitude and another tired upon

his shoulder," Hey who's digimon are these?"

"Theyre mine." he pulled out his fanciful looking digivice and showed it to Kari, feeling

a bit proud and hopeing to get a little closer to Kari.

"Wow! That means you're a digidestined awesome!" Kari said looking at Jake and his digital

companions."And what might their names be?"

"Oh this is terriermon, and he's Shoutmon." he pointed to the digimon that seemed like

complete opposites.

"Nice to meet ya!" terriermon said from atop jakes head.

"Hey there." Shoutmon said looking at Kari.

"Alright now that introductions are outta the way. Let's take you to your first stop!

We're gonna take you to where Matt plays in his concerts." tai said. "Come on let's go!"

"alright." Jake began to walk behind tai and Kari.

As they were walking Kari noticed that a small dragon walking around the parking lot just

might cause a bit of a panic, so she came up with a brilliant idea, he should carry

shoutmon, "Everyone will  just think that terriermon is a hat, so you don't need to worry

about him."

"Okay." Jake looked down at the red dragon with a blank look on his face, as the smaller

digimon simply climbed on his head.

"I dont like to be man-handled!!!!" Shoutmon shouted angerly," But since there seems to be

no other way....i'll concede...BUT NO GROPING!!!"

"Oh please dont flatter yourself," Jake picked him up underneath his arms and held him

like a 2 year old would a cat,"Ugh Shoutmon you're a heavy digimon...I knew I shouldn't

have made those extra hamburgers for you."

"Well excuse me princess!! I didn't expect to be carried everywhere like a helpless

kitten!" Shoutmon pouted and yelled in his arms as he began to struggle in his grip.

While they were arguing, Kari and Tai began to laugh a little bit. This caught both jake

and shoutmon's attention.

"What are you laughing at?!" shoutmon said a bit pissed at the laughing.

"You two, you guys are fighting and frankly its funny," kari said laughing a bit.

This cause both shoutmon and jake to blush emensly and the red dragon stopped fighting and

let his human companion hold him.

As the walked down the hall for about five minutes, they came to the elevator. Tai pushed

the button marked "1F" and it started to go down lower and lower to the first floor. As

the elevator began its decent Tai got a call on his cellphone, he answered it and

exchanged a few words and a dissapointed moan at the end of the call and hung up.

"Alright! To Matts house we go!" he shouted.

"Wait I thought we were going to a concert hall." Jake said questioning Tai's directional


"Well...matt just called and told me that the concert hall was occupied so he told me to

meet him at his house."

"Fair enough." Jake said holding the defeated Shoutmon.

"this is so embarrassing...." he said blushing.

"Don't worry, mostly everyone will think you're a stuff animal. Hey, Kari? Where is your

digimon?" he asked them not seeing the cat that was usually in kari's arms.

"they're in the car. Come on! Agumon's dieing to meet you guys." tai said as the elevator

hit the first floor.

The doors opened and everyone walked out and started towards the car. As they were

walking, a few girls were walking pass them. "Oh what a cute stuff animal!" one of them

said to Jake as they were staring at Shoutmon. "Wow that's a really nice hat, seems a bit

warm for this weather though..." they said oogling at the digimon that was trying to keep

his cool.

"Well I'm a foreigner and this is what I usually wear, thank you for your compliments." he

said blushing a bit.

"You're a foreigner? I like foreign boys," one the girls said putting a finger on his

chest. "My names Jina, I'll be watching you," with that she winked and walked away.

"Huh? Should I be concerned?" he asked half himself and half Shoutmon.

"Eh I'd ignore it." Shoutmon said," ya know. This is actually kinda comfy," he said

wiggling gently in his arms as he began to drift off into a land of sleep.

"Come on Jake!" tai yelled to him half way down the huge parking lot.

"I'm coming!!!" he said walking towards the car far across from him.

Soon he reached the car and the others, it was alot smaller then the van he rode in

previously, I looked like just a regular car, blue paint, spinning rims, just your average

car. The only thing that wasn't average about it was the passengers, which were an orange

dinosaur, and a giant cat.

"okay Jake you'll sit in the back with agumon. Kari and Gatomon will sit up front." with

that instruction everyone pialed in the car, Jake sat down in his seat and put Shoutmon in

the middle seat, right next to the orange dino.

"Finally I can move!" terriermon said hopping of jakes head and on to his lap," Your head

is not a comfy pillow Jake." terriermon looked over to the small red digimon still

asleep," Hehe I can't believe he fell asleep." he said chuckled a bit.

"Well Jake, this is my partner agumon! Agumon this is Jake!" tai said pointing to the

large Dino.

"Its nice to meet ya!" agumon said to Jake and terriermon, he extended a large orange paw

and jake gripped it lightly and gave it a shake.

"It's nice to meet you to agumon, this is my digimon terriermon, and the sleeping one is

Shoutmon, and my other digimon is waiting with Davis at the house, his name is

Blackwargreymon." Jake said smiling.

Kari, Gatomon, and Agumon all let out a little gasp," mean BLACKwargreymon?"

agumon said stuttering with a bit of a smile.

"Yeah. What is something wrong?" Jake said looking at the orange dinosaur.

"Blackwargreymon helped us save the world. He used the last of his data to seal the

digital gate to prevent an old enemy from getting into the digital world." Tai said

explaining as he began to drive through the parking lot and into the road. "Jake there is

alot you don't know, or understand about the digital world. I'm still not sure why you got

a digivice, or why Blackwargreymon came back to life. We'll have to discuss things with

izzy, he can explain everything."

"Jake are you alright?" terriermon said looking up his tamer. "Why are you crying?"

Jake was unaware of it, he was actually crying. He didn't know why, tears where streaming

down his face. He felt a pain, it was a rough pain. Like he was just hit in the

face,"I...I...don't know....I..*hic*....not..sure..." suddenly a memory had flash across

his mind.

It was Blackwargreymon, he had just been stabbed by a shadow surrounding a strange man. He

had a giant hole in him, he didn't have much longer. He had to do what he had to do, he

flew up and used the rest of his data and sealed the digital gate.

Yelling pulled Jake from his memory,"Jake!? Jake?! "

"Huh? Wh..what?" he looked around and it was terriermon's voice.

"Jake please stop crying...if your sad then how can I be obnoxious?" terriermon's eyes

started to swell up with tears.

"Aw I'm sorry terriermon..."he picked up his digimon and hugged him tightly,"i'll stop

crying...I promise..." he looked up at tai who was watching him through his mirror," Tai?

Did Blackwargreymon die because of a shadow surrounding a man? Was he protecting some one?

Did it stab him all they way through?"

"Yes. But how did you know that? You were never there." tai said a bit shocked at jakes


"I had a vision I guess, it showed him dieing...I guess thats why I started crying..."

"it makes sense...he is your digimon after all." agumon stated. He looked over to the red

dragon who was still passed out,"Wow! This guy can sleep." he said poking the red digimons


"hey....stay away from my cheerios..." shoutmon said in his dream.

"Yeah he can." Jake laughed a bit looking at his digimon. He wondered, how would he feel

if he lost Shoutmon, or terriermon. "Hey, terriermon? Promise me, you'll never leave me


"Momentai Jake! Of course I won't! Your my friend even though we've only met yesterday."

"Momentai?" everyone said in the car.

"It means don't worry, it's a digimon's version of hakuna matata."

"Oh that makes since." Jake said.

"Okay guys! We're here." Tai said getting out of the car.

"Yeah! Shoutmon wake up!" terriermon shouted jumping on his midsection, hitting him in

that special place.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" Shoutmon squealed so high," TERRIERMON IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!!" he

unbuckled and chased terriermon outside with his rowdy rocker, which was a microphone

stand with a microphone attached to the end.

Jake got out as well, watching his digimon run around. "Come on guys! We don't wanna keep-

" he was cut of when a large bomb went off right infront of him and blew him back.

"JAKE!!!!"Shoutmon and terriermon screamed running towards their tamer, the red dragon

forgetting about the seathing pain more concerned about his tamer that probably just died.

"Trouble? Now???? What's going on?"Tai yelled and prepared his digivice, Kari followed his


"You digidestined are a foolish kind of people, you hold the key to the digital world and

you don't even know it!!!!" a loud angry voice shouted.

Jake got up, he wasn't to damaged but he was in a bit of pain. "What's going on?! Who are

you?!" there it was again that uncontrollable urge to yell, at the enemy who was obviously

bigger then him.

"My name is Machinedramon!!! And I shall be your undoing!" he yelled. It was a large

machine, it's appearance was similar to a dragon, if a dragon had jetpacks, giant metal

claws, rockets, and a blast compartment on his chest.

"Not if we have anything to say about it!!!" Shoutmon and terriermon shouted at him.

"No one messes with Jake and gets away with it!!! SOUL CRUSHER!!!" Shoutmon shouted into

his microphone and it hit him pretty hard, but it didn't affect him.

"BUNNY BLAST!!!" terriermon shouted shooting a green bubble at the digimon which it just

brushed off.

"You can't beat him! He's a mega! Let us handle it!" Tai shouted.

"No! This guy messed with the wrong digidestined, Tai I may have just started. I may not

understand much but I do know he's bad! And he needs to be taught a lesson!" he yelled. He

began to run, he ran faster and faster he ran up a rock slab and launched himself at the

digimon. He punched it with all his might, he human fist came incontact with his metal


It pushed him back.

"What is this insolence!!!!" Machinedramon shouted as he stumbled back.

Jake landed on the ground, his fist was glowing a strange green color. His eyes had

changed color, from a hazel green to a sky blue. "This insolence? You are the insolent

one! And we will put you back in your place!!! CHARGE!!! DNA!!! OVERDRIVE!!!!!" he yelled

and put his glowing hand onto the digivice and it suck the glow, and he pointed digivice

to towards Shoutmon.

"I feel jake's power! SHOUTMON DIGIVOLVE TO!!!! OMEGASHOUTMON!!!" he had gone from a

bright red to a bright gold and white, he had a major growth spurt, and was covered in

golden armor.

"Alright! Let's show this guy who's boss!" Omegashoutmon yelled. With that he charged at

the digimon and started to fist fight him, punching him inthe face and in the valuables.

Soon jakes eyes changed back to normal, he looked deep into his digivice and wondered how

did he do that.

"JAKE! Let me fight to! Omegashoutmon is gonna need all the help he can get!" terriermon

shouted at him.

"Jake let us help!" Kari yelled to him.

He looked back to her and smiled," Kari. I appreciate it, but he attacked me, so I have a

little score to settle with him." he looked back at his digivice," I wish I could fight

with them...but Im not strong enough...I wish there was a way..." he closed his eyes, he

didn't know what was happening, some how his digivice was telling him exactly what to do.

It was kinda like it.....was granting his wish.

"Do you wish to help your friends!" a deep voice said to him deep in his thoughts.

"Yes. I do!"

"Then take this card! You will fight with your digimon side by side!" he grabbed the blue

card infront of him, and opened his eyes.

"Terriermon you ready?!"

"Well I'm not waiting any longer!"

"Then let's fight! TOGETHER!" he took the card and rose his digivice above his head and


Jake could feel him self begin to merge with terriermon, he felt himself become a digimon.

He began to grow larger and large, he had armor almost all over him. He had guns around

his wrists, his chest had similar chest blasters, his feet were transformed into giant

green paws, he was wearing a form of a kilt aroud his waist and was a dark green all

around. He had a bunny's face and his transformation was complete, "MEGAGARGOMON!!!" it

was terriermon and jake's voice mix.

"Did Jake just become a digimon?!" tai yelled looking up at the large digimon that was now

part human part digimon.

"Tai!!!" a young man yelled, running out of the building.

"Hey Matt! Took you long enough! Is Gabumon with you?!"

"I'm right here tai!" a rather large dog said to him, covered with a large fur coat.

"Is that Machinedramon?! I thought we got rid of him along with the dark masters." Matt

said looking at the large machine.

"Come on Jake you can do it!!!" Kari yelled to her friend.

"You can do it!!! Blow that bolt for brains up!!!" gatomon screamed yelling encouraging

words to her new friends.

"You wont cause any more trouble here Machinedramon! No one screws with my city and lives

to tell! GARGOMISSLES!!!" MegaGargomon yelled activating his missiles and the repeatedly

hit him, causing significant damage. " Okay omegashoutmon! Finish him off!"

His city? Jake had just gotten here. Why did he call it his city? Maybe he felt at home

here, maybe there was some untold secrets.

"You harmed my friend, my partner! You will pay! HEAVY METAL VULCAN!!!!" he gathered a

large fire-ball, it took in massive energy growing larger and larger. He smirked and

slammed it deep into Machinedramon and destroyed him.

As he was dieing machindramon began to speak," may have beaten me....but i am

not the only one......." his data had been destroyed.

Soon the two large digimon floated back down to the ground. There was a bright light

surrounding the two digimon, Omegashoutmon changed back into Shoutmon, and Megagalgomon

changed back into Jake and terriermon.


shouted patting his small friend on the back.

"Thanks Shoutmon you kick butt pretty hard to!" terriermon said to his friend.

"But it wouldn't have been possible with out Jake." terriermon jumped on his shoulder," We

fought as one. It was awesome! Jake how did you do that?" terriermon said excitedly.

"I'm not entirely sure. I heard this voice, it felt it was coming from my digivice," he

felt his pocket and felt his digivice and the card that made the digivolution possible.

"Wow. Jake you seem to know alot more then I thought!" Tai shouted running up to Jake,

Ruffling his hair a bit.

"Well. I uh..didn't really know anything." he said stammering. Jake honestly didnt know a

thing, he was just as confused as everyone else was.

"well let's not discuss this outside, let's go to my place." Matt said pointing towards

the building behind him. "T.K. Is waiting, I told him not to come out. I need some body to

watch the food." he said laughing.

"Good thing this parkinglot is apperently EMPTY!!! Or that might've been kinda dangerous,"

jake said sarcasticly, he looked around and didnt see ANY cars what so ever.

Jake joined Matt and the others followed by their digimon and left the parking lot, and

went up the elevator and into his apartment.

"So Blackwargreymon is alive?" Matt said sipping on his drink," If I recall didn't he

cause alot of problems?"

"Yeah he did. How do we know he isn't using him as a puppet to destroy us." TK said


"Hey!!! That's my digimon you're talking about! Lay off!!!" Jake said yelling at TK."I

don't care what he did in the past! He's my digimon and he's a good one!"

"Hey, relax I was just thinking aloud. I'm sure he's one of the good guys now." he said

backing up a little bit.

"yeah I'm sure he's nice now," patamon said from atop of TK's hat.

"TK you sure do know how to make lousy first impressions," he said patting his younger

brother on the back as he returned from the sink,"Hey now, how about we change the

subject? Jake do you play any instruments?" Matt asked hopeing there would be a fellow

musician in the group.

"Yeah actually, I do voice and guitar but that's about it." he said looking down at his


"Yeah? I play and sing to, how about you play us a song?" Matt said quickly grabbing his

guitar, and handing it over to Jake.

"Okay, but its hard to play with terriermon in my lap," he said looking at the long eared


"Oh sorry," he got up from jakes lap and sat next to him, leaning against him rather tired

because of the previous battle, shoutmon started to do the same thing.

"" Jake mumbled stuff to himself, stuff like A chord, B chord and all that.

"Okay here I go.." he began to strum the strings gently and in the tempo of a rather

famous song by the band untitled.

He began to softly sing to himself to keep the strumming correct, but what seemed soft to

him was loud to everyone else in the room. They could here him sing, and he was very good.

His eyes were halfway closed, he continued to play his song until it was over.

He looked up at his friends, who all had weird looks on their faces," Hey guys what's

wrong?" he said blushing a bit.

"Jake.....that was..." Shoutmon began to say."

"terrible I know.." Jake said chuckling a bit.

"No! That was amazing!!!"

"Really?" he said blushing slightly.

"Yeah i'd say you're a class A muscian." matt said patting jake on the back.

"Ive dabbled..." jake said blushing a bit.

"Well you've "dabbled" quite a bit," shoutmon said nudging his leg," Im sure you get ALL

the ladies."

"Well no...most people dont know about my...special talent if you can call it that...most

girls stay away from me...the call me freak wierdo you know that sorta thing. But hey you

know the old saying,' Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!'

" he was trying to sound happy but it was obvious that something else was wrong with him.

Tai looked down at his watch and freaked out," OH CRAP!!! JAKE WERE GONNA BE LATE!!! ITS

12:30!!!" he shouted standing up," We were suppose to meet ken at the mall 10 minutes


"Lets get going then!!!" jake said shouting back. He picked up shoutmon in his arms and

terriermon flew to his head, jake left the guitar in the safety of matt,"It was nice

meeting you! See ya!" he shouted as he ran out the door with tai.

"I'll see you back at the house," kari said resting a bit.

"Okay.." jake said a bit upset.

They ran down the stairs forgetting about the elevetor and to tai's vehicle.

As they buckled up and agumon and the other digimon played in the back seat, jake blushed

a bit," hey does kari have a boyfriend..."

"What?!" tai stopped at a red light," Why do you ask that?" he asked a bit uneasy,"

she doesnt."

"Just curious..." he said blushing.

"Hmmm..." tai didnt really care he just liked to make people squirm.

Soon after maybe twenty minuets they arrived at a large mall," Okay im gonna be back at

davis' , Ken knows when to leave. Oh there he is now!" he said as jake left the car.

It was the man with the worm digimon, wormmon.

"Hey! Its nice to see you again!" he said walking up to him as he held the worm in his


"Its a pleasure," the worm digimon said in his arms.

Jake turned around as he got outta the car with terriermon on his head and shoutmon in his

arms," Oh same to you." he said happily, he liked ken. He seemed like a really nice guy.

"Whoa digimon! Congrats jake!" ken said happily smiling at him," What are these digimon?"

"The one on my head is terriermon and the one here is Shoutmon."

"Well its niceto meet you two. My names ken and this wormmon," he said hugging his worm


"Well its nice to meet you ken." i said happily as we began to walk towards the mall, we

left tai in the car pondering.

"Does kari?"
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